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OnWURD 2020 in Black

Jan 8, 2021

Sara Lomax-Reese looks back on the racial justice uprisings. Long before George Floyd’s murder and the global protests it sparked, WURD was talking - all day, every day - about systemic racism, police brutality, and the violence white supremacy perpetuates. WURD is a place where people come together to talk and listen, to share pain, and to mobilize power as a part of the ongoing resistance. This episode features WURD hosts Solomon Jones (“Wake Up with WURD”), Syreeta Martin (“Save Space”), JoAnn Bell (“The Source with The Black Women’s Leadership Council”), and Brother Shomari (“Groundings”). For more from this episode, be sure to check out the BBC Roundtable (June 1, 2020) and Syreeta’s M to Z Generations Speak (June 11, 2020.) WURD Radio proudly serves the people of Philadelphia every day. Listen at