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OnWURD 2020 in Black

Dec 5, 2020

In our premiere episode, Sara Lomax-Resse digs deep into the importance of independent Black media with Philadelphia radio legend Cody Anderson and WURD hosts Charles Ellison and Syreeta Martin. WURD is one of the only Black-owned and Black-operated talk radio stations in the country, and its reach goes beyond the airwaves. WURD’s story is also the story of Sara’s family. Her father, Walter P. Lomax, Jr, M.D., bought the station in 2001. He had supported Philadelphia’s Black community over his successful career as a physician, and he recognized that WURD would give his community a voice even after he was gone. In her decade as CEO, Sara has extended her father’s legacy, always with a goal of centering the full humanity of Black people at the core of everything WURD Radio does each day.